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One of the most common questions I receive from people, especially when they come across The Aura Market, is how did I get started with my human design experiment and where I learned about the human design system. This page will be updated regularly because I'm still learning. 

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I first heard of human design in December 2019 in a Facebook group focused on manifestation. Everyone was talking about their type. I'm one of those people who just likes to read but not participate so I decided to Google human design and look up my chart. I was already the type who was fascinated by ALL the personality tests and anything that would help me learn more about myself.

I guessed my birth time at the time but it told me I was a 2/4 Splenic Manifestor (I later used a time rectification app to find my accurate birth time). I looked up Manifestors, and I felt proud to be part of the 9% because deep down, I already felt different from most people. I don't mind doing my own research. I have a PDF graveyard, have a long relationship with Google search, and collect books like a bad habit I can't quit. But there are some things I will just "outsource" to someone who can save me time. Because with a thriving business and a toddler, time is truly valuable. 

Someone asked in the Facebook for human design reader recommendations, and there was a lady in there recommending her friend. I sent her a private message asking her for the recommendation, which led to my first human design reading on Sunday, January 5, 2020. I still have the recording, and I watched the replay a few weeks ago to see why it took me until May 2020 to dive into my experiment. 

The session was great, and he covered all the right things. It wasn't until May when Uranus moved into my 12th house for 7 years that it caused an inner shift. Suddenly, I was called to study the system and learn from some of the best. 

There are A LOT of amazing readers, human design coaches, classes, resources, programs, etc. out there. With an open head, I will always love learning and gathering information. As someone with a Splenic authority, I had to follow what I believed was my intuition.

A disclaimer: the resources listed below are just the programs + people I've come across in my journey. It doesn't mean they are the only good ones out there. I haven't even listed everyone because there are so many, and I don't want to overwhelm you. Trust your own authority. 

I will say this: if you're still reading this, you're being called to dive deep into who you are and your purpose. Here's what I recommend:

Get to know your type inside and out. This is going to be the most helpful. Understanding your energy and mastering it will go a long way. 

Understand your strategy and how you're meant to interact with other energies and the Universe/Source. This is actually where you learn the most about yourself so don't yourself up if you don't get it right. I am still learning how to inform and initiate as a Manifestor.

Get intimate with your inner authority and how you're meant to make decisions. Again, it's not about getting it right but understanding what feels aligned to you and learning from the experiences that didn't flow.

Pay attention to your profile lines and how you show up. 

Only after you've gotten to your type, strategy, authority, and profile does it make sense to go deeper with centers, circuitry, gates, incarnation cross, PHS, and everything else in your chart. And it sure goes deep! This is a lifelong experiment so there's no reason to learn it all now (which is how I felt first with my open head center).

I slowed down enough to make room for INTEGRATION and EMBODIMENT.

I'm not going to get it right, and that's not the point. Human design is a tool for self-exploration so use your judgment, follow your feelings and body's wisdom, and learn to enjoy the process. 


One of the favorite people to learn from is Intuition Lifestyle // Eden Carpenter because she makes the information digestible and practical. I've taken Patterns of Prosperity (which cover the Gene Keys' Pearl Sequence and Abundance Keys), had a Business Blueprint Session (which is now a written report), and am currently in her first round of Sacred Success Coaching Certification, her signature certification program covering the foundation, business by design, and manifestation by design (Gene Key Sequences). 

I've also learned from Tiffani Purdi's The ENRICH Formula, which helps you to learn human design, NLP and how to coach using the system.

I've booked LOTS of sessions with different human design coaches and experts because I have an active brain and repetition helps me to retain information and integrate it. I'm limited on time so the accountability of a booked session works for me. 

These are two memberships I love: 
Vaness Henry Subscriber Content
Alex Cantone Course Library

If you're looking for free resources, here are some accounts to explore in your own time.

Instagram Accounts that share content:
and MANY MORE you can find by searching human design hashtags. There are countless Facebook groups. Experiment and find people that resonate with you and your learning style. PLEASE respect everyone's energy and boundaries. Just because people share free resources doesn't mean that we should go around picking their brains in DMs and comments. If you want 1:1 time, invest in people. The energy is so much more sacred when there's an equal energetic exchange. If you can't pay for information, you make up for it by spending time exploring, reading (plenty of low-cost books!), and contemplating. 

Blogs I've read
Interior Creature
The Wild Pixel

I've also learned a lot about Gene Keys from the official website. This is where you can learn the three sequences in your own time.

If you're struggling to make sense of the information, I recommend booking a session or two or taking mini courses to get started. You know how you learn best so do what feels right for you. I am a Gemini, open head, taste cognition, active brain = obsessed with learning, love information, experiment with different ways to learn (sessions, self-paced courses, masterminds, books), and repetition of the same thing over and over again until it's deeply integrated. There are some people who are great at learning on their own (like a 1 line) or someone who needs to do it their own way (line 3 or 6). There's no wrong way, and there's no rush.


Some of the books I personally have read and recommend:

The Definitive Book of Human Design
Human Design: Discover the Person You Were Born to Be
Understanding Human Design
The Book of Lines
The Book of Destinies
The Gene Keys

*Please note that affiliate links were used in this post. This means that I may earn some commission with no extra cost to you. I have personally paid for and learned from this resources. I will never recommend any person or program if I haven't benefited from them. 


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Dive deep into all the human design types, authorities, centers, and profile lines below: 

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