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The Aura Market Human Design Blog Generators The Magnetic Creators’re a Generator. But, what does that mean exactly? While each person is unique, there are some general characteristics most Generators share. Read on to discover more about Generators!

The Aura Market Human Design Type Generators The Magnetic Creators

Generators make up 70% of the population (split between Manifesting Generators and Generators) with Generators being about 35% and Manifesting Generators being the other 35%.  Generators have what we call an open and enveloping aura, meaning they have a magnetic and warm presence that draws you into their energy. 

If you are a Generator it means that you have a defined sacral which is the center for life force energy and fertility.  You have consistent access to this energy and are the type that can become a slave to that energy if you’re not careful.  This doesn’t mean that you don’t need to rest, it’s quite the opposite, resting and recharging is so important especially because non-energy types (the 3 Energy types that don’t have a defined sacral) can use your energy during the day and without boundaries and awareness can cause you, the Generator, to become depleted.  

The Generator Not-Self theme is frustration. Anytime a Generator is feeling this, they know they are facing some resistance in their life.  They are likely not following their strategy which is to wait to respond. 

The Aura Market Human Design Blog Generators The Magnetic Creators

Waiting doesn’t exactly mean do nothing. When Generators wait, they are doing all the things that light them up so that when the universe brings them something to respond to, they are already actively doing the work and the thing they are being called to do. 

Generators are meant to do what they love and allow life to come to them, and when it does, they can respond to things through their authority making sure it is right for them.  

Generators have a step-by-step process they follow when they have responded to something.  They will follow a step, meet frustration and push through to the next step.  Meeting frustration does not mean this was the incorrect decision, if it is entered into correctly, when they push through each step they will be met with magic on the other end.  

If you are a Generator or have a Generator in your life, remember to ask them yes or no questions.  The Generator Sacral communicates with them through what we call, Sacral noises, the uh huh or uhn uh, sounds that Generators make.  Often as children, Generators were told to use their words and not to make these noises and in doing so they often lose touch with their Sacral response. Digestion and improper nourishment can also impact the ability for a generator to be connected to their gut, as the gut is the seat of their power. Most generators might find that by attending to their gut health and actively tuning into their sacral center through physical practice, movement, and meditation, they will find more ease in connecting to the wisdom of this center. 

If you want an answer from a Generator as them yes or no questions or this or that question.  If you ask a Generator where they want to go for dinner you’ll probably get an indecisive response, they don’t want to make decisions like that, however if you ask them if they want to go to dinner and you get a yes you can then ask them if they want Italian or Thai, and they will be able to give you an answer.  

The Generator signature is satisfaction, this is what Generators feel when they are flowing with themselves and is something they crave to feel.  When they have accomplished or created something and feel satisfaction they know they have done what they are meant to do.  

Movement is important for all types, because it’s healthy to move around energy but Generators need to make sure they deplete their Sacral energy during the day to get a good night's sleep and recharge.  Generators should be getting into bed depleted of their Sacral energy at night so they can recharge and be ready for the next day. 

The Aura Market Human Design Blog Generators The Magnetic CreatorsSome not self questions to ask if you’re a Generator are:

  • Are you afraid that no one will ask you or that you will have nothing to respond to?
  • Are you trying to control things?
  • Are you afraid that nothing will happen in your life?
  • Are you resisting your strategy and authority? 
  • Are you trying to initiate? 
  • Are you afraid of failure? 
  • Am I listening to my mind rather than my authority?
The Aura Market Human Design Blog Generators The Magnetic Creators

Some affirmations for the Generator:

  • I flow with myself by doing things that light me up
  • There are things to respond to all around me
  • When I relax and do things that bring me joy life comes flow sto me and there is an abundance of things to respond to 
  • When I feel with my body and make decisions according to what my body knows, life become satisfying and I flow with life 

The Aura Market Human Design Blog Generators The Magnetic Creators
If you are a Generator then you have one of two Authorities, your Sacral or Emotional Authority.  In your first year of coming into this Human Design knowledge it’s important to begin to experiment with your strategy and authority.   Get in touch with your Sacral, understand how it responds to you and to life so you can follow and trust it.  

Begin to notice all the things life brings you to respond to in your daily life.  You don’t need to work hard to find things to respond to.  Got an idea? Start creating and see all the ways life gives you the right things to respond to in order to bring that idea to life.  

Finally, experiment with asking others to ask you yes or no questions.  This will really help you make better decisions and tap into your sacral power. 

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