Human Design Projectors: The Guiding Forces

The Aura Market Blog, Human Design Type, Projectors’re a Projector. But, what does that exactly mean? While each person is unique, there are some general characteristics most Projectors share. Read on to
discover more about Projectors!

The Aura Market Blog, Human Design Type, Projectors

Projectors are about 18% of the population and Projectors are here to guide and lead, Generators specifically.  Their aura is penetrating and sees deeply into the other, because of this intensity they need to be invited to share what they see. There aura will naturally attract Generators into it; when a Projector walks into the room, Generators will naturally be drawn to them, so they actually don’t have to do much of anything for this to happen. It’s up to the projector to accept the invitations that come to them.

We can tell a Projector because they have no defined Sacral and no motor connected to the throat, which means they don’t have a consistent source of life force energy and no ability to manifest like Manifestors and MG’s.  

The Projector aura is focused and absorbing which means it has a unique way of interacting with others, they see deeply into the other. Projectors are here to be about the other because they are here to lead and to guide, therefore they have a different way of energetically interacting with others in order to be able to deeply get to know them.  Projectors absorb the energy of others, this allows them to taste the other and understand how best to use them.   

The Aura Market Blog, Human Design Type, Projectors

The strategy for Projectors is to wait for the invitation and when they aren’t doing this their not-self theme is bitterness.  Projectors want to be seen and recognized, so if you know a Projector make sure to give them praise because it means a lot to them! 

If you have seen some of the memes that go around about Projectors, then you know they tend to give unsolicited advice because they find it difficult to wait for the invitation.  Also note that you don’t have to sit around and wait for someone to invite you, you can ask leading questions too which will allow you to be invited to give your opinion.  Projectors want to guide and lead, and they are so much about the other, they want to help and use their abilities, but timing has to be correct, the invitation has to be there. 

Like the other types, the “wait for the invitation” can be misunderstood and if you’re a Projector you know the feeling of the invitation.  You don’t need to be invited into everything all the time, you will know if there is an invitation to respond to and once you have been invited into a relationship per se, you don’t constantly need the invitation over and over again in that relationship. 

Invitations also don’t always have to be verbal either, it can be an energy, a thought, or a feeling.  So, lean into that feeling of the invitation so that you can recognize when you are receiving one. 

Projectors aren’t here to work in the traditional sense, because they do not have a defined Sacral like the Generators and they cannot Manifest like the Manifestors.  However, with that being said, it does not mean that Projectors don’t work and don’t love what they do.  Projectors can hustle and work hard because they pick up the sacral energy from Generators, which they naturally attract!  If you are a Projector, you can redefine what work and hustle means to you.  Feel into your body and what it needs, it’s easy for a Projector to burnout when they are borrowing that Sacral energy. 

Like Manifestor’s, Projector’s should get in bed before they are exhausted because they don’t have a defined Sacral, this gives them time to release any energy they might have taken on during the day and prepares them for bed.  

The signature of a Projector is Success, this means when they are feeling successful (by their own definition) they are in flow with themselves and in alignment with their purpose.  

The Aura Market Blog, Human Design Type, Projectors

Some questions for the Projector not-self:

  • Am I afraid of not getting an invitation from others?
  • Am I attracting attention because I’m afraid I won’t be seen otherwise?
  • Am I holding on to people or things that no longer serve me? 
  • Am I letting my mind take control and make my decisions?

The Aura Market Blog, Human Design Type, Projectors

Affirmations for the Projector:

  • I don’t have to do much to be seen and invited by the right people
  • I absorb information and have so much knowledge
  • I am able to ask the right questions to get the invitations that are right for me
  • I can define what success and the invitation are to me 
  • I allow myself to rest when I need to

 In your first year of coming into this knowledge, some things to experiment with as a Projector is to understand what an invitation is and feels like.  Understanding that it doesn't always have to be a verbal invitation.  

Like all the other types, experiment with your strategy and authority (especially if you're Emotional Authority).  Feel how in flow the energy of the Strategy and Authority creates in your life. 

Listen to yourself and rest when you feel you need to rest.  Take space when you feel yourself beginning to burnout as you borrow Generator Energy.  Put boundaries around your energy.  

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