Human Design Spleen Center Affirmations

Spleen Center: Awareness Center

Finally, we come to the Spleen Center. This is the center for intuition, health, fear, and survival. This center is very fear-based and each gate in the center has a certain fear attached to it. Our Spleen is defined by an intuitive in-the-moment hit, meaning it only speaks once and then it’s done. The Spleen operates in the now, only so it’s important to pay attention to it, especially if this is your Inner Authority. Keeping your vehicle healthy is crucial to tuning into your Splenic response. If you have the Splenic Authority, then you will an undefined Sacral and Solar Plexus, which means you really need to get relaxed and quiet in order to hear its whispers.

Defined Spleen: If you have a defined Spleen, then you have a strong immune system and often feel good. This is great, however, it’s important to still take care of yourself because when you do feel bad, you feel really bad. It’s important to tune into and listen to your body. Because the defined Spleen generally feels good, they tend to push what’s good for them.

Undefined Spleen: The undefined/open Spleen has a tendency to hold on to things that are not good for them. These people can be great healers because they feel what isn’t right. They may be more in tune with their bodies and health because they feel things easier than the defined Spleen. In addition to the fact that they do not consistently feel good, they are also greatly affected by fear.

Last note on the undefined/open Spleen, you are not here to be spontaneous, so although you may feel the pull through your conditioning, try and resist it as much as possible, it literally is not healthy for you. Of course, there are all sorts of nuances in your Human Design Chart but as a general rule, spontaneity is not good for an undefined Spleen.

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