Human Design Root Center Affirmations

Root Center: Pressure & Motor Center

The Root Center is a pressure center, along with the Head Center. This is the center where we feel the adrenaline and the pressure to do. If you have this defined, then you are naturally creating this pressure to do things, and have your own built in drive to get things done on your own time. If you have this undefined/open, then you are receiving this pressure to do, which if you’re not aware that this energy isn’t natural to you, can be quite uncomfortable.

Defined Root Center: If you have this center defined, then you won’t usually feel the pressure to do and get things done. You may be calm and thrive on adrenaline, or be great in chaotic situations, being the risk-taker or spontaneous person. You won’t feel stress and pressure from anyone else to do things. If you’re in a work environment, deadlines won’t make you feel stressed, you’re probably the one creating the deadlines, setting your own flow, and delegating tasks to others.

Undefined/Open Root Center: If you have this center undefined or open, then you feel the pressure and stress of needing to do things to take them off your to-do list. You feel pressured often and either freeze under pressure or are adrenaline junkies. If you’re in a workplace environment, then you are probably the person who gets all the tasks to do because the discomfort of the pressure makes you want to do things quickly to get that pressure off you. Remember, that pressure isn’t yours, you don’t have to do everything, and you don’t have to do it now.

This pressure can create a stress point in relationships and something that often gets looked over. If one partner has a defined Root and the other has an undefined/open Root, this can be a place in the relationship where the undefined/open Root is often feeling the pressure to make decisions and to get things done, when the other is putting out that energy, intentionally or not. However, if both understand their definition, they can take steps to be more intentional around each other. 

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