Human Design Sacral Center Affirmations

Sacral Center: Motor Center

If you have a defined Sacral, then you are a Generator, as no other type has this center defined. The Sacral is the center for life force energy. It’s about fertility, sexuality, and work. If you are a Generator, then you have consistent access to this energy, which is why you are known to be the workers in society, the ones who are here to do and get things done. This is a powerful center and it’s easy to become a slave to this center if you’re not careful.

Generators (Defined Sacral beings): Yes, you have consistent access to life and workforce energy but you can also burn out like the other types. You can feel like the energizer bunny sometimes, so when you feel the need to rest, it’s important to rest. Your Sacral also gives you a gut response to things, you may find that you make sounds such as uhn huh or uhn uh. These are what we call Sacral responses, and it’s key to your energy to understand what those responses mean and to tap into them. So often as children you were told to use your words and not make noises so along the way you may have lost touch with that Sacral response.

The non-Sacral types can also borrow your Sacral energy, which is why it’s also important to recharge and rest your Sacral Center.

When you feel tired, rest. You also need to deplete your energy during the day to make sure you can get the sleep you need at night, so physical activity is important to Generators. Any kind of movement (even writing or singing) can help move the energy you have. It doesn't have to be exercise. Light exercise can help, too. This will prevent any excess energy from causing health issues or sleep issues.

Non-Sacral Beings: You are not here to work in the traditional sense, society looks to Generator (because they are 70% of the population) and sets this precedent that everyone should be able to operate that way and it’s not true. This is not to say that you shouldn’t work hard or that you won’t love to work but it’s more about redefining what the hustle means to you. What does work look like for you? Maybe it’s resting more and taking more pauses to empty out your Sacral. Especially if you work in a space where there are a lot of Sacral beings, you can take in and amplify that energy which quickly brings you to burnout.

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