Digital Products Terms & Conditions

Digital Product Licenses

FOR ALL LICENSES: Only ONE license PER individual or brand, limited to one website and/or social media account. Each individual must purchase their own license. One license cannot be shared amongst program participants, students or colleagues. One brand can purchase one license and have its team members create products as long as it is all used on one website and one social media account. If individuals within a team are using it for different websites, separate offers on other platforms, or different social media accounts, each person must purchase their own license. If you want to gift a bundle to your student or client, purchase one at a time and checkout using the recipient’s email.

A Personal Use License for this bundle allows each individual to use all the digital assets and templates for free personal use only. This includes educational content on social media, blog, and free classes.

If you are creating or preparing customized reports or blueprinnts for clients or members or using the assets in any paid offers, purchase the Commercial Use License. See Commercial Use License terms for more details.

Your order's download link expires within 30 days. Save a copy of the PDF document so you can reference the links as needed.

Your purchase license allows you to use this copyrighted material for personal purposes and cannot be resold, redistributed, shared or given away as-is. By purchasing this product, you agree and are bound to the copyrights agreement. Files cannot be used to create any physical or printed goods to be sold commercially with the Personal Use License. You may have physical books printed for your personal use only.

The Commercial Use License does not cover any of the Digital Notepad Bundles. This license only covers digital assets such as the Canva templates, the Mini Bodygraph Bundle, and the Human Design Glyphs Bundle, with limitations. SELLING OR SHARING OF FILES OR LINKS IS PROHIBITED.

This license allows you to use the licensed assets in physical or digital end products for sale. The limited commercial use license allows up to 1000 physical or digital end products for sale. The 1000 limit is the total number of products, not per design or product. For example, if you are selling digital blueprints and physical stickers, you can sell a combination of 100 blueprints and 900 stickers or any mix of products as long as it adds up to 1000. If you need an extended, unlimited commercial use license, please feel free to contact us.

The license allows unlimited use for promoting service offers. 

Physical products include but aren't limited to clothing, stickers, phone cases, wall art, stationery, and other accessories. Physical end products must have other elements added as these digital assets cannot be used as-is. Final designs cannot look exactly like the original design assets. Add color, fonts, and your own unique touch!

Digital end products include but aren't limited to ebooks, digital illustrations, customized charts, reports, guides, journaling worksheets, infographics, presentations, and similar products that are not part of paid service offers (see below). Digital assets cannot be sold as-is. These licenses do not allow you to use the Canva templates to sell your own Canva templates even if they are customized. Other digital bundles (i.e. Bodygraph and Glyphs) can be used to create your own Canva templates for sale.

This Commercial Use License license allows unlimited usage for promoting paid online or digital programs/services, which includes but isn't limited to graphics for memberships, masterclasses, workshops, online or in-person events, courses, group programs, masterminds, certifications, any other coaching or teaching services, and sales pages.

Do NOT share links or downloaded digital files with students, clients, or members who pay for your services. The license only allows you to use the digital assets to create custom sales pages, blog posts, graphics, banners, presentations or workbooks as part of the service or promotional material.

Due to the nature of this product, all sales are final and no refunds can be given. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.

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