Human Design Manifesting Generators: The Multi-Passionate Geniuses

The Aura Market Blog, Human Design Type, Manifesting Generators’re a Manifesting Generator. But, what does that exactly mean? While each person is unique, there are some general characteristics most Manifesting Generators share. Read on to discover more about Manifesting Generators!

The Aura Market Blog, Human Design Type, Manifesting Generators

Like the Generator, MG’s have a defined sacral, which is what makes them a Generator type.  You will hear some say that MG’s are Generators and some classify them in their own energy type.  

Manifesting Generators have a defined Sacral, which makes them a Generator but unlike the Generator, the MG has a motor connected to the throat (there are 4 motor centers in the Human Design and they are the Emotional Solar Plexus, the Ego Center, The Sacral Center and the Root Center).  When you have a motor connected to the throat, which only MG’s or Manifestors do, it gives you the ability to manifest and take action based on the centers connected.  Everything in the bodygraph leads to the throat, this is the center for manifestation, action and communication. 

The Aura Market Blog, Human Design Type, Manifesting Generators

The MG, unlike the Manifestor, still needs to wait to respond and then can take action.  If the MG takes action without waiting for something to respond to, they will be met with their not self themes which is Frustration, just like the Generator, as well as anger, which is the Manifestor not self theme. 

The MG has a lot of energy, they are multitaskers and don’t follow a step-by-step method like the Generators.  MG’s tend to respond and initiate which allows them to skip steps, finding out what works and ways that are more efficient.  However, because they work so quickly, they may have to come back and redo some steps along the way. MG’s may feel like the world isn’t moving quickly enough for them, patience is something they need to lean into in their process and it really is a tough lesson for them. 

Pure Manifesting Generators have the channel 20-34 active in their chart which technically makes them Manifestors with Generator qualities, MG’s without this channel are Generators who have Manifesting abilities.

Mani Gen’s, like Generators, have a signature of satisfaction and an element of peace from the Manifestor in them.  Your signature is the sign that you are in flow and following your strategy and authority.  When you are feeling your signature at the end of the day you know you have followed your Strategy and Authority and are in alignment with yourself. 

MG’s should get into bed an hour before they are completely exhausted, laying down before 10pm is a good rule of thumb for MG’s.  They can read a book or find some other way to unwind before it’s bedtime but when they have passed the 10pm mark they can get a second wind and be up all night.  

If you are a Manifesting Generator, it would be helpful to read the blog post about Manifestor’s and Generators, as this will be helpful in understanding the Manifestor side of you. 

The Aura Market Blog, Human Design Type, Manifesting Generators

Some not self questions to ask if you’re a Manifesting Generator are:

  • Are you afraid that no one will ask you or that you will have nothing to respond to?
  • Are you trying to control things?
  • Are you afraid that nothing will happen in your life?
  • Are you resisting your strategy and authority? 
  • Are you trying to initiate? 
  • Are you afraid of failure? 
  • Am I listening to my mind rather than my authority?
  • AM I trying to initiate before I have something to respond to?
  • When I have something to respond to, am I initiating and not informing others? 

The Aura Market Blog, Human Design Type, Manifesting Generators

Affirmations for the Manifesting Generator:

  • I do things that light me up daily
  • I am here to multitask and be creative
  • I am a creative force and I leave things that no longer light me up
  • There are endless things to respond to and by relaxing and doing things that light me up, I allow life to flow to me

In your first year of coming into this Human Design knowledge some things to experiment with as a Manifesting Generator is patience, to start.  You do things quickly and that is your superpower but play with waiting to respond and informing others.  You may feel resistance to these things but in experimenting you can see when you do follow them how much magic happens and life flows with you.  

You crave freedom, so give yourself that space, listen to yourself and allow it to come to you.  

Just like Generators, begin to tap into your Sacral response, understand what that feels like so you can know when something is a hell yes or a hell no (if it’s not a hell yes then it’s a no, but it doesn’t have to be a hard stop NO, it might just mean it’s a no for now). 

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      The Aura Market Blog, Human Design Type, Manifesting Generators


      • Dee

        A big “hell yes” , resonating deeply.
        I am in research mode and trying to get more info on my Mercury 44.5, would you write about it please?

      • Kelly

        Rubeena, I finally read this. I can not believe how accurate this is. I will be reading more. Thank you :)

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