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The Aura Market Blog, Human Design Type, Manifestors’re a Manifestor. But, what does that exactly mean? While each person is unique, there are some general characteristics most Manifestors share. Read on to discover more about Manifestors!

The Aura Market Blog, Human Design Type, Manifestors

Manifestors are about 8% of the population and the only type that is actually here to initiate.  Manifestors are powerful beings and so they don’t meet resistance, it’s important for them to inform others of the actions they will be taking. 

The Aura Market Blog, Human Design Type, Manifestors

The Manifestor not-self theme is anger and when they are not informing others (their Strategy), they will meet resistance and not only feel anger within themselves, but also receive anger from others. This isn’t to say that they need to ask for permission (which Manifestor children should learn to do so that they can inform when they are older) but simply inform those that will be affected by their actions to meet the least resistance when they do initiate and take action.  Just as patience is difficult for an MG, informing doesn’t always feel natural for Manifestors.  Manifestors are here to impact others and in doing so, the informing is just a way to let those impacted by their actions prepare. 

Manifestors may feel that the world isn’t moving fast enough for them, because they are here to initiate. While they still need to ‘wait to initiate’ when they receive the correct insight from their Authority, other types are waiting to respond, waiting for invitations, needing a manifestor to initiate them. Being first can feel like everyone is falling behind.

If there is a type that has been widely controlled, it’s the Manifestor.  Due to their power, because they are powerful beings, others tend to want to control them. This causes deep conditioning for the Manifestors child who can grow up to be people pleasers to avoid hurting others due to their initiating abilities (again, this is why informing is so helpful to the Manifestor and those they love). 

The Manifestor aura is closed and repelling, so other people can’t always see what’s going on inside their head, why they do what they do. Their closed aura can keep people away, and actually allows space for them to initiate from a place of peace. Many people try and stop Manifestors from doing what they do best because they can’t see what’s going on, so this aura is like a built-in magnet (the repelling side) that allows them to do what they want.

Think of it this way, you’re a Manifestor child who wants to go to the park and you are not taught to ask permission before doing something.  A Manifestor is going to do what they want, when they want and so you, the Manifestor child, decide you are going to the park.  Your repelling aura helps you along the way, repelling others and keeping them out of your way.  It’s almost like the universe’s way of protecting you, this isn’t to say that nothing ever happens to Manifestors, but it’s a way to aid the Manifestor along their way.  So, the Manifestor child goes to the park and manages to get there and back without any incident because they were literally repelling others and keeping them out of their way. 

If you’re the parent of a Manifestor child, teaching them to ask for permission because they are here to impact it’s so important to learn to inform others so they can meet the least resistance along their way. 

The Manifestor Signature is Peace.  Each type has a signature and this is the thing that tells them they are working with their Strategy and Authority and flowing with themselves.  Manifestors want peace and privacy, they want to be able to initiate and do what they like without being controlled.  

Sleep is very important to the Manifestor because they don’t have a defined Sacral like Generators, it’s important to be in bed before they feel exhausted.  

The Aura Market Blog, Human Design Type, Manifestors

Not self questions for the Manifestor:

  • Am I afraid to upset others?
  • Am I afraid of informing because I don’t want the confrontation?
  • Am I afraid of being controlled? 
  • Am I afraid of meeting resistance and/or rejection?
  • Does my anger scare me?

The Aura Market Blog, Human Design Type, Manifestors

Affirmations for the Manifestor:

  • I make an impact on others and informing is my tool to make a bigger impact
  • My anger is telling me something and is nothing to be feared
  • I am powerful
  • I trust myself fully and completely

Things to experiment with in your first year of coming into this knowledge, first and foremost as a Manifestor is experimenting with the idea of informing others.  Notice if you're people pleasing to save the emotions of others, know that you can initiate and using informing as a tool to allow yourself to flow as you're meant to be. 

As with all the other types, experiment with your strategy and authority (especially if you're Emotional Authority) and see how it feels to follow them, feel the resistance is dropped as you go with your energy and aura.  

Most importantly, listen to you.  This information can be a lot but you know yourself and what feels good and what doesn't.  

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