Human Design Reflectors: The Mystical Mirrors’re a Reflector. But, what does that exactly mean? While each person is unique, there are some general characteristics most Reflectors share. Read on to discover more about Reflectors!

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Reflectors are the unicorns of Human Design; they are only 1% of the population.  You know you are a Reflector if you have no defined centers in your Bodygraph.

Reflectors have a sampling aura, because they have no defined centers, every center is an opportunity to reflect others back to them and sample the energy they are putting out.  

Reflectors are here to… well, reflect their community back to them.  Remember, any open center is a mirror for a defined center so without having any definition your entire being is here to mirror the energy around you back, that is the purpose of a Reflector.  That being said, their environment is so important! If you’re in the wrong place, you’re with the wrong people. 

The Aura Market Blog, Human Design Type, Reflectors

The strategy of the Reflector is to wait a lunar cycle before making a decision, because they don’t have any definition in their bodygraph, they don’t have an authority like the other types.  The reason why it’s important to wait a lunar cycle is so they can taste the energy of all the other authorities through the transits (the activations in the bodygraph throughout the month as the moon goes through its phases).

The environment is so important to Reflectors, they are here to reflect back to the community and so to be able to do that they have to be in the right environment.  If they are in the incorrect environment they will be around the wrong people and unable to demonstrate their beautiful abilities.  If Reflectors are in the incorrect environment for a long time, they can take that on and make themselves sick.  

The not-self theme of the Reflector is disappointment, and this is something they will be familiar with.  Reflectors are also the only type that doesn’t have the possibility of being an emotional being, because they have no definition. 

The Reflector aura is resistant and sampling.  Resistant because they have to learn to reflect rather than identify with the energy of others, because they are undefined it would be easy to take on the energy of others without awareness and sampling because they get to sample the energy of those around them. 

The Reflector signature is surprise, which means when they are feeling that they are in flow and in alignment and following their strategy and authority.  

Just like Projectors and Manifestors, the Reflector does not have a defined Sacral so learning to rest and not taking on the Sacral energy is very important to Reflectors. 

The Aura Market Blog, Human Design Type, Reflectors

Not self questions for the Reflector:

  • Who am I?
  • Will I be seen and respected for my ability to reflect?
  • Am I able to thrive in the right environment? Will I be able to find the right environment for me? 
  • How can I release the fears and anxieties that come with so much openness?
  • Am I afraid of being invisible? 

The Aura Market Blog, Human Design Type, Reflectors

Affirmations for the Reflector:

  • I am seen and I am valued
  • I am magical in my ability to reflect others back to them
  • I taste and sample the energy of others but I know that it is not mine to hold onto
  • I am wise
  • My sensitivity to my environment allows me to find the correct environment where I can be seen and thrive

In your first year of coming into this information, somethings you, the Reflector, can experiment with is waiting a lunar cycle to make decisions.  Start checking the Human Design transits, if you have access to that (tons of Human Design coaches and readers on Instagram discuss daily transits).  This allows you to see what authority you may be tapping into that day, helping you make the best decision you can. 

Set boundaries around your energy and really understand how each center feels and if you're flowing with it or sitting in the shadow side.  Know that you are crucial to your community and notice how your environments make you feel! 

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      Are you a Reflector? Does this sound like you? Let us know in the comments below!

      The Aura Market Blog, Human Design Type, Reflectors


      • Courtney

        Im a reflector as well 🤍 I worked within mental health setting for a long time but It didn’t feel quite right and I got burned out. Now I’m pivoting to spiritual studies

      • SG

        I am very new to human design – came up as a Reflector. Part of me is grateful to be among the 1%, part sad that I have “no authority”/definition of my own.
        Over time (particularly over the past year or so), I have had people share how deeply seen they have felt with me and how incisive my reflections of them have been. I have been asked by intuitive healers if I ever considered a profession in healing. I am currently in institutional finance/investing – quite removed from working with people/healing. I do feel something missing with my current role. Feel a deep yearning to connect/be of service. But I’ve never been trained in any healing modalities – so if I were to go that way – I’d be starting from scratch. The alternative of course is a lucrative investing career which I already have over a decade’s experience in – but it is getting clear to me that as passionate as I have been about investing in the past, my heart isn’t really in it anymore. Torn as to what path I ought to take going forward… but grateful for all of it <3

      • Constanza

        Soy reflector, a pesar de que inicie esta búsqueda en mi interior hace poco más de un año…ahora entiendo porque toda la vida me sentí diferente.

      • Rianne

        I am a Reflector. I finally understand why I feel different most of the time. Why I feel so deeply and how everything affects me

      • Anisha

        It feels very connected to me as well. I too studied psychology and got my M.S in Counseling but I still veered off the path. Not too sure of what’s next for me.

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