A Summary of the Nine Human Design Centers

Human Design: The Nine Centers

When we look at our Human Design bodygraph we see 9 different shapes (shown below) and in this blog we’re going to talk about each of these centers, what it means if we’re defined or open/undefined and some questions you can ask yourself relating to each of the 9 centers.

Each center is essentially an energy center and whether you have them defined or not determines if you create the energy of that center, or if you take in energy through that center. 

If you have a center that is colored in that is a defined center, meaning you create the energy in that center. If you have a center that is not colored in, or white, this is an open or undefined center.

*Open center means there are no active gates in that center and undefined means there is at least one active gate in that center (illustrated below).

Any open center is a place where we’re here to learn, so we’re goin to have the most conditioning in these areas because we are taking in the energy from others or they get activated by the planetary transits. We can  take in the energy from our parents and family members, friends, coworkers, partners, neighbors, pretty much anyone and anything who have those centers defined. It’s possible to see this exchange in a connection chart, how our energy plays together, and, depending on the awareness of each individual, you may create conditioning in these centers through a combined energy.

Head Center - Pressure Center

This is the triangle we see at the top of our bodygraph and is the center for inspirations and questions.

The Head Center is a pressure center and when you have this center undefined you feel the pressure to have all the answers to all the questions and chances are the questions you’re asking are the questions of the ones with a defined head center.

This center is where all ideas, inspirations, questions, doubts and confusion happen. If you notice in the bodygraph as well, the head center is only connected to the Ajna and nothing else. You will hear in Human Design that we are not meant to make decisions with our mind, and the head center is not connected to the Throat, only through the Ajna can it access the throat. This is because we have to filter everything that is coming through the mind because it is simply information we need to take it.

If you have a defined Head Center then you also have a defined Ajna Center and having a defined head, where you create this energy in yourself, can feel like loud, busy thoughts. It can be challenging to meditate when you have a defined head, and if you’re not careful, you can get stuck in your ways of thinking.

You will have all the questions that those with an undefined Head are asking because you are the one to create the pressure. You don’t necessarily feel the pressure like the one with an undefined Head will, but you will always want to know all the answers and to mentally make sense of things.

If you have an undefined head, you are someone who is constantly receiving downloads, from others, the universe, Source, everywhere; taking in the thoughts and ideas of everyone around you. This can feel intuitive and psychic in a way, where you might think something then someone in the room says exactly that thing at that moment. You don’t have a fixed way of taking in and making sense of mental information which can cause mental pressure especially if you’re around other defined heads. It’s important if you have this center open or undefined to know that it’s totally healthy to have alone time, to be with your own energy and empty out the mental processing of others. 

Some not self questions that the undefined Head center may ask are:
Am I asking questions that aren’t mine?
Am I thinking about things that don’t matter?
Am I trying to understand and make sense of something?
What should I be thinking about?

Ajna Center: Awareness Center

If the Head center is the source of inspiration, questions, and confusion, the Ajna is where we take these things to process and make sense of them. This is the center that helps bring those thoughts and ideas down to the Throat Center to manifest and bring into the world. The Ajna is one of the three awareness centers and is the center for Divine Intelligence. It’s in this center where we process information and create awareness and intellect.

The Ajna creates information for our Authorities (check out the blog on Inner Authorities here) to make a decision, to feel what is right based on the information it has about a specific thing. This is also the center where we can have mentally driven anxiety as well, because the Ajna wants to make sense of things it can intellectualize by taking in a ton of information.

The Ajna will essentially make a list of the “bad” and “good” sides of something, which is helpful, you could say this is where the mind lives. BUT the ultimate decision must come from your authority. The mind is an amazing tool, but if we allow it to run the show, telling us what we should do, questioning our Authority and original decisions in favor of the information it finds most useful to hold onto, we can run into some real trouble. 

Defined Ajna: If you have a defined Ajna then you have a consistent way of processing the information coming from the Head Center. Notice how your Ajna is defined, is it connected to your Head or to your Throat? This will give you insight as to how your Ajna is processing and creating energy. If it’s connected to your Head then it is working to process this information, and if it’s connected to your throat then it is working to express and communicate the ideas and concepts it has created, this is literally the type of person that is here to speak their mind. But of course, peak your mind according to your Strategy and Authority always.

You are not easily influenced by the way you process and conceptualize because you are creating this energy within you. You are also likely always thinking because you always have this energy with you at all times.

Undefined Ajna: If you have an undefined Ajna then you also have an undefined Head and as we learned, you are here to have a completely open mind! Pay attention to not get caught up in all the not-self mental anxieties and pressures. Individuals such as Albert Einstein and Freud, among others, have open minds! You are here to see things from all perspectives and you are able to see what is worth thinking about and what isn’t. They can also pick up on thoughts and ideas in a group, because they are picking it up from the defined minds, before it’s actually asked or brought up.

The not self of the undefined Ajna is feeling like you are wrong, they can get very caught up with proving they are right because this is the source of their mental insecurities.

Some not self questions are:

Do I feel like I have to have the answers to questions that aren’t mine?
Do I feel like I don’t know?
Am I trying to convince everyone that I am certain?
Am I keeping my opinions to myself because I don’t want to be challenged?

Throat Center: Manifestation Center

All roads lead to Rome just as all the energy in the bodygraph is working to get to the Throat center which is the center for manifestation and communication.

Defined Throat Center: If you have a defined Throat Center then you have a consistent and reliable way to communicate and express yourself. If you have your Throat connected to a Motor (Solar Plexus, Ego, Sacral, or Root Center) then you are a Manifestor or a Manifesting Generator (the addition of a defined Sacral). Take note of what other center your Throat is connected to. Is it the Ajna? Are you here to express your thoughts and opinions? Your Solar Plexus? Are you here to express and communicate your emotions? Your Spleen? Are you here to communicate your in the moment intuitive hits? Your G Center? Are you here to communicate your self love, direction and purpose? Your Ego Center? Are you here to talk about something you can prove? Your material things? Your Sacral? Are you here to communicate your energy and joys in life?

Even if you have a defined Throat, it’s still important to use this energy by following your Strategy and Authority. If you do this you will notice that the thing you are speaking to will land with greater impact.

Undefined/Open Throat: If you have this center undefined or open then you have no consistent access to this manifestation and communication energy. This is not to say that you can’t be an excellent speaker and communicator; Oprah Winfrey, Brad Pitt, and Celine Dion, for example, all have open throats, and are recognized for their ways of expressing. It just means that you don’t have consistent access, you’re meant to be more flexible in your communication. If you want to know who has an undefined throat, go to a dinner party and notice who is doing the most talking. Those with an undefined Throat tend to speak to get attention, they feel like they won’t be heard and many times it becomes a self fulfilling prophecy. If you speak by following your strategy and authority, you will be heard!

Not self questions for the Throat Center:
Am I speaking to get attention?
Am I afraid I won’t be heard?
Is the need to fill the silence uncomfortable for me?
AmI afraid I can’t manifest things for myself?

G Center: Identity Center

The G Center is our identity center, it’s the center for self love, direction and purpose. It’s also the center for the Magnetic Monopole, which is the thing we can always come back to in order to find ourselves and our direction. Unlike a magnet, the magnetic monopole only pulls things towards you.

When we think of Human Design, we think of our personality (which is everything we see in our chart in black) which is the passenger. This side is who we see ourselves as, who we resonate with and it’s our mind and how we make decisions. We have our body, our design, which is everything we see in red. This is our unconscious body, this is the vehicle, this gets us where we are going and needs attention to keep it in the best shape possible. So, if we have the vehicle and we have the passenger, who drives the car? Yup, you got it, it’s the magnetic monopole. If the passenger and the vehicle can operate the way they are meant to, the driver will always get us where we are going. The passengers job is to observe and be present, but not to try and drive which is something we so often try to have the passenger do and the vehicle is the vessel to get us where we are going, if it’s broken down or needing repair, we can’t get there. But it’s the driver who operates and knows the directions. This is what we can find in the G Center, this is the power of the G Center.

Defined G Center: If you have this center defined then you create this energy within you. You know who you are, you have a depth of self love that is consistent but your insecurities comes not so much in WHO you are but if others can love you for who you are. You have a clear sense of your direction and purpose and your energy affects those around you with an undefined/open G Center so it’s important to be in alignment with yourself because this will be mirrored back to you through the relationships you have around you.

Undefined/Open G Center: If you have this center undefined/open then you may question your purpose and direction. You may ask who you are because you are adaptable in every situation, you truly are a chameleon and there is beauty in that. It’s through our conditioning that we try and make sense of who we are and our environment but just know that if your environment is incorrect the people you’re with are incorrect.

Environment is so important to undefined/open G Centers so really pay attention to how a place makes you feel. This is one of the centers that holds a huge amount of conditioning. If something doesn't feel right, change. You are a mirror to those with defined G centers and so know that the energy you feel is not yours and you can release it. You will find your direction and purpose through correct G Center energy, this is why it’s so important to surround yourself with the right people and places.

Not self questions for the G Center:
Do I question who I am?
Am I afraid I don’t fit in?
Am I afraid I won’t find my purpose or direction? Or that I have no purpose or direction?
Do I hold insecurities around my ability to change depending on who I am with?
Does my conditioning in this center keep me small and unsure?

Ego/Will/Heart Center: Motor Center

Our Will Center, also called our Heart or Ego Center, is all about the ego, willpower and material things. If you have a defined Ego Center then you have the willpower to follow through with things, if you have this undefined you tend to pick up on that energy when you’re in the presence of a defined Will but find that you won’t be able to follow through when you’re out of their energy and so it’s important for you to NOT make promises. Chances are you won’t be able to follow through with them.

Defined Will Center: You like to be in control of your life, you like to be in control of your resources and probably find making money is easier than those with an undefined Will Center. You tend to know your value and your worth and as it relates to business can likely set the right prices for yourself.

Undefined/Open Will Center: If you have this center undefined or open then you may feel that you are constantly trying to prove yourself, you may have lower self worth and don’t value your time and energy as you should which results in not charging enough for your efforts and your work.

Not self questions for the Will Center:
Am I trying to prove myself?
Am I making promises I can’t keep?
Do I know my worth and my value and am I charging others accordingly?
Am I struggling to control my life?

Spleen Center: Awareness Center

Finally, we come to the Spleen Center. This is the center for intuition, health, fear and survival, this center is very fear based and each gate in the center has a certain fear attached to it. Our Spleen is defined by an intuitive in the moment hit, meaning it only speaks once and then it’s done. The Spleen operates in the now only, so it’s important to pay attention to it, especially if this is your Inner Authority. Keeping your vehicle healthy is crucial to tuning into your Splenic response.

Defined Spleen: If you have a defined Spleen then you have a strong immune system and often feel good. This is great, however, it’s important to still take care of yourself because when you do feel bad, you feel REALLY bad. It’s important to tune into and listen to your body. Because the defined Spleen generally feels good, they tend to push what’s good for them.

Undefined Spleen: The undefined/open Spleen has a tendency to hold on to things that are not good for them. These people can be great healers because they feel what isn’t right. They may be more in tune to their bodies and health because they feel things easier than the defined Spleen. In addition to the fact that they do not consistently feel good, they are also greatly affected by fear.

Last note on the undefined/open Spleen, you are not here to be spontaneous, so although you may feel the pull through your conditioning, try and resist it as much as possible, it literally is not healthy for you. Of course, there are all sorts of nuances in your Human Design Chart but as a general rule, spontaneity is not good for an undefined Spleen.

Not Self Questions for the Spleen Center:
Am I living in a place of fear due to my Spleen?
Am I taking care of myself?
Am I paying attention to my health?
Am I listening to my Splenic intuitive hits?
Am I holding on to things that aren’t good for me?

Emotional Solar Plexus: Motor & Awareness Center

The Emotional Solar Plexus is the center attached to our emotions, to passion, to our feelings and is a hugely important center and one that is very susceptible to conditioning. Every gate in this center has to do with how we feel and how we express our feelings. If you have this center defined then you consistently ride a wave of emotions and if you have this center defined then it is you Inner Authority and you need to ride your wave before making any decisions.

Defined Emotional Solar Plexus: If you have this center defined then you are an emotional being and this is your Inner Authority. You need to ride your wave before making any decisions, however this is something that comes with awareness and practice because your emotions paint your reality, you tend to want to be impulsive. You are quite literally here to teach the rest of us how to regulate and manage our emotions in a healthy way, so it’s so important for you to understand your emotions and your wave.

Undefined/Open Emotional Solar Plexus: If you have this center undefined or open then you take in and amplify the emotions of the defined centers. You are what is called a “non-emotional” which doesn’t mean that you don’t feel, quite the opposite, when you feel you feel intensely, however, when you are in your own energy and not affected by the emotional wave of others, you tend to, let’s say wake up in the same state everyday, you’re natural state is that of neutral emotions.

Some undefined Solar Plexus people describe their emotions as being non-existent, they worry that they won’t be upset when certain things happen and they also describe feeling the emotions from others as being intense and so much so that they don’t know how they can get out of them.

As a “non-emotional being” you are here to reflect back the emotional state of others, so knowing that you have an undefined Solar Plexus is so helpful to allow you to feel and release, not take on the emotions of others. You may also find that you avoid confrontation and lie because you don’t want to be met with the emotions from others. You are known to be people pleasers for the same reason, because the emotions of others are so uncomfortable for you.

It’s really the job of the emotional beings to demonstrate how to effectively manage your emotions so you are here to mirror that back to those who are emotional.

Not Self Questions of the Emotional Solar Plexus:
Am I people pleasing to avoid confrontation?
Am I lying to avoid confrontation?
Am I riding my wave or acting impulsively?
Am I taking on the emotions of others as my own?

Sacral Center: Motor Center

If you have a defined Sacral then you are a Generator, as no other type has this center defined. The Sacral is the center for life force energy, it’s about fertility, sexuality and work. If you are a Generator then you have consistent access to this energy which is why you are known to be the workers in society, the ones who are here to do and get things done. This is a powerful center and it’s easy to become a slave to this center if you’re not careful.

Generators (Defined Sacral beings): Yes, you have consistent access to life and work force energy but you can also burn out like the other types. You can feel like the energizer bunny sometimes, so when you feel the need to rest, it’s important to rest. Your Sacral also gives you a gut response to things, you may find that you make sounds such as uhn huh or uhn uh, these are what we call, Sacral responses and it’s key to your energy to understand what those responses mean and to tap into them. So often as children you were told to use your words and not make noises so along the way you may have lost touch with that Sacral response.

The non Sacral types can also borrow your Sacral energy which is why it’s also important to recharge and rest your Sacral Center.

When you feel tired, rest. You also need to deplete your energy during the day to make sure you can get the sleep you need at night so physical activity is very important to Generators. If you’re not working out and not using that energy at night you can be prone to sleep problems which greatly affects your health.

Non Sacral Beings: You are not here to work in the traditional sense, society looks to Generator (because they are 70% of the population) and sets this precedent that everyone should be able to operate that way and it’s not true. This is not to say that you shouldn’t work hard or that you won’t love to work but it’s really redefining what the hustle means to you. What does work look like for you? Maybe it’s resting more and taking more pauses to recharge your Sacral. Especially if you work in a space where there are a lot of Sacral beings, you can take in and amplify that energy which quickly brings you to burnout.

The Sacral is also connected to the Throat, it is a powerful center and as the Throat is a center for creativity, so is the Sacral. This is why artists tend to be sexual because their throat and Sacral are active and working together.

Not Self Questions of the Sacral Center:
Am I resting when I need to rest?
Am I honoring myself and the rest I need?
Am I pushing through burnout because I feel like I should?
Am I listening to my Sacral response? Am I waiting to respond to life?

Root Center: Pressure & Motor Center

The Root Center is a pressure center, along with the Head Center. This is the center where we feel adrenaline and the pressure to do. If you have this defined then you are creating this pressure to do things and if you have this undefined/open then you are receiving this pressure to do and it can be very uncomfortable.

Defined Root Center: If you have this center defined then you don’t feel the pressure to do and get things done, because you are creating this energy in you. You may be calm and thrive on adrenaline, being the risk taker or spontaneous person. You won’t feel stress and pressure from anyone else to do things. If you’re in a work environment, deadlines won’t make you feel stressed, you’re probably the ones creating the deadlines and delegating tasks to others.

Undefined/Open Root Center: If you have this center undefined or open then you feel the pressure and stress of needing to do things to take them off you to do list, intently. You feel pressured often and either freeze under pressure or are adrenaline junkies. If you’re in a workplace environment then you are probably the person who gets all the tasks to do because the discomfort of the pressure makes you want to do things quickly to get that pressure off you. Remember, that pressure isn’t yours and you don’t have to do everything and you don’t have to do it now.

This pressure is a huge stress point in relationships and something that gets looked over a lot. If one partner has a defined Root and the other has an undefined/open Root this can actually be a killer in relationships because the undefined/open Root is always feeling the pressure to make decisions and to get things done when the other is putting out that energy, intentionally or not.

Not Self Questions for the Root Center:
Am I taking on too much because I feel the pressure of others?
Am I saying yes to things as a response to the pressure I feel?
Am I putting pressure on others due to my defined Root?
Do I freeze in the face of Root pressure?

Final Notes:

It’s also important to note, as you go through the centers whether any center is defined consciously or unconsciously. This means, if a center is defined through a red or black channel, or a combination.

For example, you may be a Generator who has their Sacral defined through an unconscious (red) channel and doesn't necessarily resonate with having a consistent source of life and work force energy.

At the end of the day, this system is meant to empower you, to help you love yourself in a way you might not have before. It’s here to show you how you can best flow with life and live your most authentic life.

With that said, take some time to integrate and digest this information. As always, follow your strategy and authority with the knowledge of how your center's work and watch the magic unfold.


Now that you’ve learned about the nine Human Design centers, it’s time to analyze your own chart! What centers resonate with you the most? Let us know in the comments below!

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