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So you've purchased (or are thinking about purchasing) one of our notepad bundles but don't know what do with them. This post will give you some tips & resources for using the bundles and where you can get them printed.

Here's a list of what's currently available in The Aura Market shop

More details about each bundle can be found in this post.

Each notepad bundle includes both PNG and PDF files.

A PNG is a high-resolution image file that can be used in any software that allows PNG files (i.e. iPad's Procreate, Sketchbook, even Canva). 

A PDF file is used primarily in Adobe Reader (free) or Acrobat DC (paid), on your desktop, tablets or phone. An editable PDF file is best used on Adobe Reader on a desktop or tablet. What this means is that there are text boxes already available on the file allowing it to be "editable" directly on screen and can save typed notes if you do notes if you do not want to print them. If sending notes to a client, these files must be exported in PNG or JPEG formats. 

All PDF files are available in A4, Letter and Legal paper sizes for different printing needs around the world. Simply print them at home, adjusting the settings as needed. You can print multiple copies or create your own custom booklet. 

Local printers in the US include Kinkos, UPS, FedEx or Staples. If you go to Google search engine, you can search "local printing service" to find what's available near you. If you do not want to print at home, using a local printing service is fast and convenient. 

If you want to print in bulk, I recommend online printing services. There are many that allow black and white printing or color printing and as many as 100 sheets at a time, which they mail to you in a package! How convenient! 

Here are a list of some online printing services in the USA:

Color Copies USA
Docu Copies

If you want to check what's available in your country, I recommend searching "online printing services in _____" and enter your city or country for a regional list. 

One of the best things about sending it to a local or online printing services is they allow you to print spiral or bound booklets, add a cover sheet, a back sheet, and other options! Create your own human design study book! 


If you want fun tools while you study human design, The Aura Market offers unique digital (and physical) products for you to use (or give as gifts to friends, clients, and colleagues). Explore our notepad bundles, glyphs bundles, bodygraph files, and the first of its kind - Canva Templates for content creation!

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