The Ultimate Human Design Canva Templates for Content Creation

The Aura Market is so excited to announce the first Canva Templates for the Human Design community!! 

These templates were created with you in mind, the Human Design coach, teacher, creator, and student (because we’re all forever students right?!). 

This is the ultimate content creation bundle for anyone studying or teaching the Human Design system. The Human Design Content Creation Canva Templates Bundle includes a total of 11 templates, with over 300 posts ready for you to edit!

The Original Set includes the following templates:

  • Solid Bodygraph Templates (10 Posts)
  • Human Design Centers Templates (9 Posts)
  • Human Design Gates Templates (64 Posts)
  • Human Design Channels Templates (36 Posts)
  • Centers on Bodygraph Templates (9 Posts)
  • Channels on Bodygraph Templates (36 Posts)
  • Human Design Circuit Templates (10 Posts)
The Bold Set includes the following templates:
  • Human Design Centers Templates (9 Posts)
  • Human Design Gates Templates (64 Posts)
  • Human Design Channels Templates (36 Posts)
  • Human Design Sample Centers (9 Posts)
  • Human Design Bodygraph Templates (11 Posts)

These were all designed with you in mind, to help you create and teach with ease and share the Human Design magic, making your work so much easier! 

We know you’re probably familiar with Canva, but just in case, Canva is a free online editing site that allows you to easily create beautiful content for any of your creative needs.  Think Photoshop with thousands of templates ready for you to use and customize! When people find out that I make a lot of my graphics in Canva, their mind is blown. There are so many features so it's worth checking out! 

Once you download your Human Design Canva Templates, we suggest creating a folder in your Canva where you can access all your files for easy access when you’re designing your amazing content. 

These Canva Templates are created for anyone who wants to use Human Design to learn, educate, or to experiment.  Creators, teachers, students, guides, whatever your space in Human Design, this template was created with you in mind.  

These templates will allow you to have a more cohesive feed, with more focused (and easier to create) templates on specific gates, channels, circuits, and more! No more hiring a designer! No more cropping, zooming, and or screenshots (I've been there, I know you have, too).

These templates were designed to help you save SO much time! To help your workflow, to help you create and teach all this magic without the headache of creating and customizing bodygraphs.  So you don't have to screenshot, zoom in or spend hours in Photoshop, Procreate or Illustrator creating a custom bodygraph. You only to have to do it on the next post and the next post! 

Every pain point was taken into consideration in the creation of this template! 




Customize them to your brand colors, change center colors, channel colors, backgrounds, add text, edit text, add your logo! Literally, (almost) anything you can think of you can create with this template.  

Phew, ok, now that we got all our excitement out of the way (can you tell how big and exciting this is!?), let’s talk about licenses and which you should purchase.  

If you’re a student, new to HD, or just experimenting for yourself then the Personal Use License is likely all you’ll need.  However, if you decide you want to use these for e-books, courses, and all the amazing Human Design magic you’re creating, then the Commercial Use License is best for you.  This allows you to use the templates for up to 1000 products for sale (in total, not per product).

Still need more? You can always contact us to purchase an Extended Commercial Use License, which have already been purchased by a few experts because they are using the assets in textbooks (whoa, talk about the Manifestor impact I've had with this product).   

Don't forget to tag @theauramarket on Instagram so we can see and share all the magic you're creating! 

If you want fun tools while you study human design, The Aura Market offers unique digital (and physical) products for you to use (or give as gifts to friends, clients, and colleagues). Explore our notepad bundles, glyphs bundles, bodygraph files, and the first of its kind - Canva Templates for content creation!

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