Human Design Identity (G) Center Affirmations

G Center: Identity Center

The G Center is our identity center. It’s the center for self-love, direction, and purpose. It’s also the center for the Magnetic Monopole, which is the thing we can always come back to in order to find ourselves and our direction. Unlike a magnet, the magnetic monopole only pulls things towards you.

When we think of Human Design, we think of our personality (which is everything we see in our chart in black) which is the passenger. This side is our Conscious (Mind): who we see ourselves as, who we resonate with, and how we make decisions. We have our Body, our design, which is everything we see in red. This is our unconscious body, the vehicle that gets us where we are going and needs attention to keep it in the best shape possible. So, if we have the vehicle and we have the passenger, who drives the car? Yup, you got it, it’s the magnetic monopole. If the passenger and the vehicle can operate the way they are meant to, the driver will always get us where we are going. The passengers’ job is to observe and be present, but not to try and drive which is something we so often try to have the passenger do and the vehicle is the vessel to get us where we are going, if it’s broken down or needing repair, we can’t get there. But it’s the driver who operates and knows the directions. This is what we can find in the G Center, this is the power of the G Center.

Defined G Center: If you have this center defined, then you create this energy within you. You know who you are, you have a depth of self-love that is consistent but your insecurities come not so much in who you are but if others can love you for who you are. Most often, if you have any shadows in this center due to conditioning, there's a chance you might feel like you're "too much."

With a defined G Center, you have a clear sense of your direction and purpose and your energy affects those around you with an undefined/open G Center. It’s important to be in alignment with yourself because this will be mirrored back to you through the relationships you have around you.

Undefined/Open G Center: If you have this center undefined/open, then you may question your purpose and direction. You may ask who you are because you are adaptable in every situation. You truly are a chameleon and there is beauty in that. It’s through our conditioning that we try and make sense of who we are and our environment, but just know that if your environment is incorrect, the people you’re with are incorrect. This will impact your sense of identity.

Environment is so important to undefined/open G Centers so really pay attention to how a place makes you feel. This is one of the centers that holds a huge amount of conditioning. If something doesn't feel right, change. You are a mirror to those with defined G centers and so know that the energy you feel is not yours and you can release it. You will find your direction and purpose through correct G Center energy, this is why it’s so important to surround yourself with the right people and places.

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