Human Design Head Center Affirmations

Head Center - Pressure Center 

This is the triangle we see at the top of our bodygraph and is the center for inspiration and questions.

The Head Center is one of the two pressure centers (the other one is the Root Center). When you have this center undefined, you feel an external pressure to have all the answers to all the questions. Chances are the questions you’re asking are questions coming from those with a defined head center.

This center is where all ideas, inspirations, questions, doubts, and confusion happen. If you notice in the bodygraph as well, the head center is only connected to the Ajna and nothing else. You will hear in Human Design that we are not meant to make decisions with our mind, and the head center is not connected to the Throat. It is only through the Ajna that it can "access" the Throat Center (where all Centers' energies want to flow). This is because all our thoughts and ideas have to be filtered through the Ajna, where it sorts it out before we take any action or express ourselves. Imagine if we just said whatever came to mind! I'm sure that's gotten many of us in trouble.

If you have a defined Head Center, then you also have a defined Ajna Center and having a defined head, where you create this energy in yourself, can be loud and noisy. It can be very hard to meditate when you have a defined head. If you’re not careful, you can get stuck in your ways of thinking.

You will have all the questions that those with an undefined Head are asking because you are the one to create the pressure. You don’t necessarily feel the pressure like the one with an undefined Head will, but you will always want to know all the answers and to make sense of things.

If you have an undefined or open Head Center, you don’t have any fixed way of taking in and making sense of mental information which causes mental pressure. You likely will need to be around others to gain inspiration, but you are also the person that goes to the grocery store with a list and comes out with your list and an extra cart full of food. Nothing wrong with that! You're here to gain wisdom through questions and ideas, without becoming attached to them.

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