Human Design Emotional Solar Plexus Center Affirmations

Emotional Solar Plexus: Motor & Awareness Center

The Emotional Solar Plexus is the center attached to our emotions, to passion, to our feelings and is a hugely important center and one that is very susceptible to conditioning. Every gate in this center has to do with how we feel and how we express our feelings. If you have this center defined, then you consistently ride a wave of emotions. It is also your Inner Authority and you need to ride your wave before making any decisions. As a default, taking time before making big decisions will be aligned for you.

Defined Emotional Solar Plexus: If you have this center defined, then you are an emotional being and this is your Inner Authority. You need to ride your wave before making any decisions, however, this is something that comes with awareness and practice. Because your emotions paint your reality, you tend to want to be impulsive. You are quite literally here to teach the rest of us how to regulate and manage our emotions in a healthy way. It’s so important for you to understand your emotions and your wave. One way is to track how you feel each day, throughout the day, and see if you notice any patterns after 3-6 months.

Undefined/Open Emotional Solar Plexus: If you have this center undefined or open, then you take in and amplify the emotions of the defined centers. You are what is called a “non-emotional” which doesn’t mean that you don’t feel. Quite the opposite--when you feel, you feel intensely. When you are in your own energy and not affected by the emotional wave of others, you tend to, let’s say, wake up in the same state every day. Your natural state is that of neutral emotions.

Some undefined Solar Plexus people describe their emotions as being non-existent, they worry that they won’t be upset when certain things happen. They also describe feeling the emotions from others as being intense and unsure of how to release them. 

As a “non-emotional being” you are here to reflect back the emotional state of others. Knowing that you have an undefined Solar Plexus is helpful to allow you to feel and release, not take on the emotions of others. You may also find that you avoid confrontation and lie because you don’t want to be met with emotions from others. You are known to be people-pleasers for the same reason because the emotions of others are so uncomfortable for you.

It’s really the job of the emotional beings to demonstrate how to effectively manage your emotions so you are here to mirror that back to those who are emotional.

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