Human Design Ego Center Affirmations

Ego/Heart Center: Motor Center

Our Ego Center, or Heart Center, is all about the ego, consistent willpower, and material things. Only 1/3 of the population have this center defined. If you have a defined Ego, then you have access to consistent willpower to follow through with things. If you have this undefined, if you’re in the other 2/3 of humanity, you tend to pick up on that energy when you’re in the presence of a defined Will Center, feeling like you have something to prove. You may find that you won’t be able to follow through when you’re out of their energy, need more motivation to follow through with things, and so it’s important for you to not make promises. Chances are if you’re making promises out of a feeling of proving yourself worthy, it’s possible you won’t be able to follow through with them, frustrating and disappointing both you and the person you made the promise to.

Defined Ego Center: You came into this world with something to prove. Everyone can see and admires your ability to show up and work! You like to be in control of your life. You like to be in control of your resources and probably find making money is easier than those with an undefined Will Center. You tend to know your value and your worth, and especially when it comes to business, you know what prices feel good for you. Defined ego’s tend to know the value of rest, absolutely the types to work hard, and play (or rest) hard. 

Undefined/Open Ego Center: You have nothing to prove in this life. Absolutely nothing. If you have this center undefined or open, then you may feel that you are constantly trying to prove yourself. You may not always be in touch with the value of your time and energy as you should, which results in not charging enough for your efforts and your work, working overtime, or showing up even when you don’t want to because ‘what if the other doesn’t think I’m worthy.’ With this center open/ undefined however, you can naturally see who is in integrity and sharing things of value. You are here to determine value and worthiness. Your openness allows you gain this wisdom of value, all you have to remember is that ‘you have nothing to prove.’

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