Human Design Ego Center Affirmations

Human Design Ego Center Affirmations

Ego/Will/Heart Center: Motor Center

Our Will Center also called our Heart or Ego Center, is all about the ego, willpower, and material things. If you have a defined Ego Center then you have the willpower to follow through with things, if you have this undefined you tend to pick up on that energy when you’re in the presence of a defined Will but find that you won’t be able to follow through when you’re out of their energy and so it’s important for you to NOT make promises. Chances are you won’t be able to follow through with them.

Defined Will Center: You like to be in control of your life, you like to be in control of your resources and probably find making money is easier than those with an undefined Will Center. You tend to know your value and your worth and as it relates to business can likely set the right prices for yourself.

Undefined/Open Will Center: If you have this center undefined or open then you may feel that you are constantly trying to prove yourself, you may have lower self-worth and don’t value your time and energy as you should which results in not charging enough for your efforts and your work.


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