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Ajna Center: Awareness Center

If the Head center is the source of inspiration, questions, and confusion, the Ajna is where we take these things to process and make sense of them. This is the center that helps bring those thoughts and ideas down to the Throat Center to manifest and bring into the world (although it will never be our inner authority).

The Ajna is one of the three awareness centers and is the center (Chakra) for Divine Intelligence, it’s the center where we process information and create awareness (of ourselves) and intellect.

The Ajna creates information for our Authorities (check out the blog on the Seven Authorities here) to make a decision, to feel what is right based on the information it has about a specific thing. This is also the center where we can have a lot of anxiety as well because the Ajna wants to make sense of things. It can intellectualize by taking in a ton of information.

The Ajna will essentially make a list of the “bad” and “good” sides of something, which is helpful, but the ultimate decision must come from your authority. We can take this information and allow ourselves to feel what step we should take.

Defined Ajna: If you have a defined Ajna, then you have a set way of processing the information coming from the Head Center. Notice how your Ajna is defined, is it connected to your Head or to your Throat? This will give you insight as to how your Ajna is processing and creating energy. If it’s connected to your Head, then it is working to process this information. If it is connected to your Throat Center, then it is working to express and communicate the ideas and concepts it has created. This is the type of person that is here to speak their mind, but speak your mind according to your Strategy and Authority always. 

With a defined Ajna, you are not easily influenced by the way you process and conceptualize because you are creating this energy within you. You are also likely always thinking because you always have this energy with you at all times.

Undefined Ajna: If you have an undefined Ajna, then you also have an undefined Head and as we learned, you are here to have a completely open mind! Pay attention to not get caught up in all the not-self mental anxieties and pressures. Individuals such as Albert Einstein and Freud, among others, had open minds. You are here to see things from all perspectives, and you are able to see what is worth thinking about and what isn’t. You can also pick up on thoughts and ideas in a group because you are picking it up from the defined minds before it’s actually asked or brought up.

The not-self of the undefined Ajna is feeling like you are not certain and that you can get very caught up with proving you are right because this is the source of your mental insecurities.

You are here to gather wisdom in all perspectives, beliefs, and theories so it's best to be detached from any absolute truths. 

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