DIGITAL: Human Design Content Creator Bundle
DIGITAL: Human Design Content Creator Bundle
DIGITAL: Human Design Content Creator Bundle
DIGITAL: Human Design Content Creator Bundle
Human Design Customizable Bodygraph Bundle in Vector Format
Human Design Glyphs Bundle for Human Design Educators and Teachers
Human Design Digital Tools License Details
Human Design Content Creator Bundle for Personal Use License
Human Design Content Creator Bundle for Commercial Use License

DIGITAL: Human Design Content Creator Bundle

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Designed for human design and gene key guides, readers, coaches, clients, and students who are experimenting, whether it's for self-study or following along a course, program or, certification.


Value-packed FIVE bundles for one discounted price (discounted commercial bundle as well). Includes the best-selling Human Design Canva Templates Bundles 1 AND 2, the Human Design Customizable Bodygraph Vector Bundle, the Ultimate Digital Notepad Bundle, AND the Human Design Glyphs Bundle — a dream for content creation!

Please check out the individual listings for full details of each bundle. Retail cost for the Personal Use Licenses is $285 and for Commercial Use Licenses is $485.

The Canva Templates Bundle #1 includes a total of 12 templates, with over 300 posts ready for you to edit and focuses on Centers, Gates, Channels, Circuits and Simple Bodygraphs. The Canva Templates Bundle #2 includes the fully customizable Bodygraph graphics and chart templates as well as Human Design Instagram Content and Reading Report Template plus Gene Keys Instagram Content and Report Template.

The Customizable Bodygraph Vector Bundle includes .ai (Adobe Illustrator) files. Please note the Customizable Bodygraphs are not for Canva. They can only be opened with a vector program like Adobe Illustrator or Affinity Designer. If you have a designer on your team, these can be handed off to them for your custom bodygraph needs. Affinity Designer can be learned and a basic tutorial is available on Instagram.

The Human Design Glyphs Bundle includes transparent PNG files of all 13 human design chart glyphs with bonuses of the Zodiac glyphs and the Chiron glyph. These files can be uploaded into Canva albums to be used for graphics. Available in multiple colors.

The Human Design Ultimate Digital Notepad Bundle includes PNG and PDF files of notepad sheets for taking personal notes or client notes. Use with digital programs or print as many sheets as you need for personal use! Includes blank bodygraphs, the full chart, just the glyphs, the Incarnation Cross, and even Gene Keys sequences. These are blank (lined and unlined versions) so you can channel your own insights and/or take notes while you study these systems.

This is not a physical product. Upon purchase, you will receive an email with instructions on how to download your digital files. The zip file will be attached, which will include several folders plus a PDF document, which will include links to all 12 Canva templates (on page 2), instructions & tips, and license details.

Please note you must download your files within 30 days of purchase. Save the files as soon as possible.

ONE LICENSE PER INDIVIDUAL OR BRAND, LIMITED TO ONE WEBSITE AND/OR SOCIAL MEDIA ACCOUNT. By purchasing this product, you agree to these Digital Product Terms and Conditions. Please read the terms and conditions for Personal Use License and Commercial Use License here. If you've already purchased a Personal Use License and would like to upgrade to a Commercial Use License, you will need to purchase it individually for each bundle here. The discounted commercial rate is only for those who purchase it, not for upgrades.

One brand can purchase one license and have its team members create products as long as it is all used on one website and one social media account. If individuals within a team are using it for different websites, separate offers on other platforms, or different social media accounts, each person must purchase their own license. If you want to gift a bundle to your student or client, purchase one at a time and checkout using the recipient’s email.

Due to the nature of this product, all sales are final and no refunds can be given. If you have any issues, please feel free to contact us.

If you are interested in learning about the human design system, check out the blog.

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